Custom Fit Process At Lytham Golf Academy

Here at LGA we deliver a very personal custom fit service with 9 different brands to be fitted for in the purpose built Fitting Suite. We feel our service is unbeatable. We are not biased towards any one brand, we will fit you to any product that suits you the best.

Foresight Sports Launch Monitor from Foresight Sports on Vimeo.

  1. Book a personal custom fit appointment with any of our 4 fitting specialists.
  2. Pre fit interview enabling us to understand your ball flight, bad shots etc.
  3. Start the session by hitting your current club/s to see how that is providing on GC2/HMT Launch Monitor
  4. After accessing the performance of your club/s we then recommend a club to try. We take averages of performance of each club tested using the Launch Monitor & the differences in performance are clearly explained to you.
  5. Once a club has been decided we then order with the manufacture who will build from scratch to your exact specifications. Generally
    only takes 3 to 5 working days for delivery.
  6. Once delivered we will contact you to arrange a personal handover session whereby you can unbox your new club/s and then hit some balls in the studio with your fitter to ensure your happy.
  7. For orders over £500 you’ll receive some box treats including a loyalty ball marker which accesses you to VIP invites to brand new product launches and much more!
  8. After a couple of weeks playing with your new clubs we will contact you to see if your happy.

Call the Academy on 01772 631520 or click here to send an email.