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Welcome.  I am a PGA Qualified Teaching Golf Professional based at Lytham Golf Academy so if you are looking to improve your golf game or to get custom fitted then please get in touch.

I pride myself in offering a first class service with a Swing Studio as well as a bespoke Custom Fitting Suite here at Lytham Golf Academy. If you would like to be professionally fitted for some clubs or receive a golf lesson to improve your swing then I can offer both. The latest launch monitor & camera analysis technology is used with every client. Contact me to lower your scores!

PGA Level III Coach

Over 20 years experience as a Golf Coach & Custom Fitter

Coaching beginners through to fellow Professionals

Highly experienced using video analysis & launch monitor technology

Qualified Custom Fitter with many major golf brands



I have been working on correcting a horrible over swing, delivering from the inside and setting too late for the last 3 years! Believe me I have spent ££££’s on different advice from credible coaches, some very worthwhile – some not!! One extended lesson today with Mike taught me how easy it was to actually understand what was happening compared to what I was feeling in my swing and how easy it was to change my path & angle of attack! Lots to work on in MY new delivery, however I now understand why it breaks down. A long 380 mile round trip but worth every minute! Many thanks Mike!

Mike. I knocked a few shots off after that lesson the other day! My best round ever!

Hi Mike, I played golf today and I would like to thank you for my new swing. I know it’s early days but I have never ever drove the ball as far 🙂

One of the most important descisions I’ve made all year!! Srixon Z745 irons purchased! Many thanks Mike – informative & precise in all aspects, not just looking for a sale!

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Website : www.michaelnewtongolf.co.uk

Email : michael@lythamgolfacademy.co.uk

Mobile : 07775 804935

Academy No : 01772 631520

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