Tel : 07805 029250


PGA Level 2 Qualified Professional
Custom Fit Specialist for all leading golf brands
Lancashire Under 14’s Coach 2017/18
TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Level 1 Certified

I base my tuition around the fundamentals of the game with an aim to correct any issues using the easiest and most suitable solution. I ensure that a clear understanding is gained so you can achieve your goals.

Junior golf is a passion of mine and developing the future of golf in the North West is a key focus.

As one of the Academy’s custom fit specialists, I ensure that the equipment will suit your game to enhance performance while giving you your desired ball flight.

Whether you are a junior, professional, beginner or any ability, my expertise is finding what techniques work best for the individual in order to get the required results.

I have invested in a Foresight Gc2 HMT and refer to this technology during my individual lessons, showing the client club data at impact. Combined with the use of Hudl coaching app (video analysis), a clear picture builds and can be used to improve your golf. A lesson review is the emailed to my clients after each session

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