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PGA Level 2 Assistant Professional
Junior Golf Coach

Specialising in Beginner and Junior Coaching Sam is a new enthusiastic Golf Professional with a passion for providing junior and adult beginner golfers a fun and educational environment to learn the game of golf. Group classes are an ideal way to learn the golf swing with others of similar ability and also to meet new friends.

As an accomplished player in his own right, Sam aims to utilise his own golf experience, alongside the training he has gained under the guidance of Daniel Webster PGA.

He aims to help beginners, ladies and junior golfers to obtain a real grasp of the game through either group or individual coaching sessions in order to aid in their quest for better golf.

Sam has worked with the LGA team for the last 7 years and has become a valuable, loyal team member and supportive golf coach.

In 2018 Sam turned Professional with a +1 Handicap and competed in various amateur events. Sam is using his knowledge and understanding of the golf swing to help others improve and find a love for the game.

Junior Golf Classes with Sam are available.

Beginner Golf Classes with Sam

Sam offers a relaxed and fun environment to give golf a go & learn the basic fundamentals of the golf swing. Learn with friends and others of the same ability.

Individual Golf Coaching with Sam

If you want a more personal one to one golf lesson then individual coaching is the answer.
30 Minute Lesson £25 1 Hour Lesson £40

Multiple lesson packages available which provide a saving.

3 x 30 Minute Lessons £60 (saves £15)
3 x 1 Hour Lessons £110 (saves £10)

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